Books and Stationery Under $4 On Amazon Review

Books and stationery are some of the most basic things that a home never lacks. Children’s books help a lot in contributing to the mental and psychological growth of a child. Books give children the exposure they need for thinking beyond their imaginations and having different perspectives introduced to them. On the other hand, stationeries come in handy for both adults and children.

Every working adult interacts with at least one piece of stationery daily. This review provides you with first-hand information on the cool books and stationery under $4 on Amazon that you can fill your free delivery purchase with.

Little Hidden Pictures (Dover Little Activity Books)

This is a great book that helps to unlock the creativity and reasoning of your child. With this book, your children assume the role of a detective as they track down and discover the many hidden objects in this book. The book which is a perfect fit for age 4 and up captures tons of fun that the children will love.

The setting is dynamic, from a fanciful circus to the scene of a backyard sweep-clean. It creates mentally furbished landscapes that will keep your children glued to the book. An added advantage for the children is that they can color all of the pictures in this book.

The book has artistic expressions that are visually and mentally appealing to a child. The aspect that the book is in black and white couples well with the capability for coloring the pictures as your child would want.

It is a good read for both boys and girls and it’s also a perfect fit when travelling due to its compactness. It is also a great occupier for your child when waiting for service in a restaurant. Wherever you may want to be, you will love how the children enjoy reading this book.

Scotch Magic Tape, Writeable, 1/2 x 450 Inches (104)

Scotch Magic Tape, 1/2 x 450 Inches (104)

How about having things conjoined with some invisible tape? The scotch magic tapes serve you with that privilege, offering you a matte- finish on the job. The Scotch magic is a darling to millions of people.

The roll looks frosty but once it is put into use, it just goes invisible. The product when bought on Amazon comes with a dispenser that is easy to refill and store while not in use.

Unlike other adhesive tapes, the Scotch comes off the roll easily, and it is also easy to cut.

It has a round of benefits that come with it.

  1. It is narrow at ½” and you can also order the 1” size.
  2. The matte- finish is desirable since it does not reflect light or produce a glare. It, therefore, is perfect for photographic functions.
  3. You can write clearly on the Magic Scotch tape with relative ease
  4. It will last you for quite some time, with its actual length of 450 feet.
  5. It easily gets off your fingers and strongly keeps your work intact.
  6. In case you roll out more than you needed, Scotch tape easily rolls back neatly.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night Notebook

The Van Gogh’s Starry Night Notebook embroiders the Starry Nights painted by Van Gogh in 1889. The masterpiece painting on your notebook is a perfect inspiration to the lovers of art and contemporary drawings.

The notebook provides you with 64 pages to write whatever it is that you want to note down. You can record phone numbers and keep birthdays on this notebook.

The pocket-sized notebook is pretty and whipping it out of your pocket will charm your friends. You can also have it within a purse, for the ladies, and the cover is strong enough so you will not have to worry about it bending.

The notebook is also a perfect fit for you if you do not find yourself in love with sticking sticky notes everywhere around your home or office. The paper is blank which makes it very inspiring to write as you wish, without the limitations of a ruled notebook.

You can even choose to draw a direction or a sketch map on your little Von Gogh. The texture is more glossy than matte and that makes it a lovely top hat as a gift to someone you love.

Crayola Model Magic Clay Bag, Neon Green, 4-Ounce

Crayola Model Magic Clay Bag, Neon Green, 4-Ounce

To lovers of creation with colors, then here is a match for you. The Crayola Model is a unique and lightweight material for modeling that works well for any age group or project.

The Crayola model is easy to paint and fill with decorations and you will love to use comes with a freshness pouch that assures you of the quality even when it is on the shelf.

It is a little stiff at first but comes on smooth after adding some lotion in it. The Crayola is also best kept in airtight conditions such as a ziplock bag. The colors are very vibrant and it leaves a minimal mess after you are done working with it.

Making slime with Crayola is easy and it barely sticks to your hands. It has a non-crumbling formula that helps it make durable structures and it air dries easily. Once you are done using it, you can repack it in a resealable container and come back for some more fun another day.

It is packed under the weight of 4 ounces in neon red, neon orange, neon green, and neon yellow colors.

You should consider the price and the usability of the product that you buy before purchasing any product. For books, consider factors such as the thrill of entertainment, ease of reading and presentation. These qualities will determine the kind of book that you settle to buy. For stationeries, you should take a keen look at the efficiency of the product, the ease of use, superiority of the product, and its durability. Although a price comparison for other products that serve the same purpose is okay, it may not necessarily translate to the value you get after the purchase.