There are many products that we use in our homes to make life easier and more comfortable. Often they come at a cost, one that may hinder us from getting the very best. The good news is that you do not have to buy expensive items to live a comfortable life. There are many products that offer great value at the most competitive prices. We have searched high and low to get some of the good deals. These are some reviews of Amazon products going for less than $4. Read on.

Elegant Comfort 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Super Soft Wrinkle Free 2-Piece Pillowcases, Great Deal , King Size – Beige

Available in 22 vibrant colors, this is one of the best bargains in the home and living section. The Elegant Comfort sheets with 2-piece pillowcases are made of Egyptian cotton to ensure utmost comfort and coziness in your bed.

These king size pillowcases measure 20” by 40” and are easy care as one can wash them by machine. The wrinkle-free sheets and pillowcases require no ironing making them quite easy to maintain. Being 100% hypoallergenic, this product will not cause any allergies and can be used safely by sensitive people. It contains microfiber sheets that are soft with a 1,500 thread count of Egyptian cotton. They do not fade, stain, shrink or wrinkle which is perfect as they not need much care and will last long. Further, they are more durable than normal cotton and are resistant to dust mites.

With a breathable weave, these sheets and pillowcases will ensure you have a comfortable night’s rest without a worry until daybreak.

Quickie Microfiber Glass & Window Cloth

Weighing only 0.8 ounces, this lightweight cloth makes cleaning easier and fun. It measures 1.5 x 5.7 x 12 inches which is ideal for use on several surfaces including windows, LCD/Plasma TVs, glass and similar smooth surfaces. To protect these delicate surfaces, the Quickie microfiber glass and window cloth is made of microfiber for smooth surface use. The microfiber is also ideal for cleaning as the dense and circular weave of this glass and window cloth enhances the cloth’s ability to clean better. The materials used in its construction are 80% polyester and 20% nylon.

This product is made in the USA and imported to other countries. It is machine washable thus easy to care for and maintain. Further, the cloth has a tag that guides you on proper usage so you know where to use it on.

If you desire a streak-free, thoroughly clean finish, this is the cloth for you. It is soft and designed to ensure your home stays free of dust and dirt.

HS 1PC Microfiber Blind Cleaner Duster for Shutters Window Air-condition and Keyboard

Particularly helpful for cleaning air vents, this microfiber duster has a wide range of uses in the car and at home. It can be used to clean home and office window blinds, laced wheels, car blinds and air conditioner blinds. The double-ended design cleaner makes an excellent cleaning cloth and brush that can be used on a wide range of surfaces.

It is made of microfiber, pp, and nylon and measures 17 by 2.5 cm. Cleaning this cloth is a breeze as one simply removes the cloth cover from the gadget and replaces it when it is clean and dry.

The perfect item to remove spots here and there, this little cleaner works like a charm. The best part is that it costs very little too.

Lysol Power & Fresh 6 Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Atlantic Fresh

This is an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that cleans and freshens the toilet after every use. It is designed to fight toilet rings and prevent stains from forming making your toilet look sparkling clean after every flush. The product also deodorizes with a pleasant Atlantic scent that will leave your room smelling amazing every time.

One cleaner can last up to four weeks. To use this product, you should remove it from its packaging and fit it into the bowl where the water levels can reach the cleaner. It is as simple as ABC. When it is over, remove the plastic hook and replace with a new cleaner for continued freshness. This product allows you to get perfect freshness and cleanliness with no fuss. You get a septic safe cleaner that leaves a fresh, sweet-smelling scent that makes your entire home a delight.

If you are actively seeking for great deals in the home and living section, you are in the perfect place. The above-mentioned goodies go for less than $4 yet seem more valuable as the quality is not compromised. The truth is that not all items have to cost an arm and a leg to deliver good service. What are you waiting for? Rush to Amazon to catch the deals before they run out.

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